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Digital Connect

On Ground + on Your mobile

EXSPO.Special Offer

Special Offers

As an Exhibitor, you will get to add one special offer on ExSpo app anytime till Exhibition. Your offer will be visible to every person registering on ExSpo app.

Real-time Reports

You can see multi-dimensional reports about the ExSpo. That too on a real-time basis. Track every movement on your phone.

  • See who is visiting, from where and when?

  • Who is showing interest in your products?

  • Filter your audience using various parameters.

  • Send targeted messages.

EXSPo Real TIme Report
EXSPO Visitor Badge Reader

Visitor Badge Reader

Use a Badge reader and record complete details of the visitor. No data loss, download and start talking to your leads. Stay connected.

Digital Catalogue

Go paperless. Load your multimedia catalogues on ExSpo platform. Host all the information about your organisation and products. Each interested person will have the easiest access to your info

Exspo Digital Catalogue
Exspo Connect

ExSpo Connect

Your team can receive real time leads from ExSpo app visitors. Start talking to your audience much before the exhibition starts. The dialogue continues even after the Exhibition days.

Digital Ad

  • Display your digital content on ExSpo App to reach maximum visitors. 

  • Redirect the target audience to your website or your profile.

  • Let them know all about your products. 

  • Generate instant leads, measure real time conversation.

EXSPO DIfital Ads
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