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Cookies Policy

If you access our websites, automatically generated information will be incidentally collected (this means not via registration), that cannot be assigned to a certain person (e.g. by means of an Internet browser or an operating system, domain name of websites from which access is made via a web link; number of accesses, average dwell times; web pages accessed). We will use this information to improve and update our websites on an ongoing basis, as well as to increase attractiveness.

If you access one of our websites, it may occur that information initiated by us is stored in your computer in the form of a “session cookie”, which will automatically identify your computer when you next access our websites.

One characteristic of cookies is that they enable us to customize a website or save your password so that you must not enter it again and again. If you do not want us to recognize information about your computer, set your Internet browser that all cookies are deleted from your hard drive, all cookies are blocked or you are alerted before a cookie is saved.

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