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Branding Options


Guide the way to ExSpo visitors: A Balloon with your Brand Logo will be the center of attraction at ExSpo. It will be visible to visitors even before they reach the ExSpo venue. Create the first impression among your visitors!

Total sponsorship cost:

For Exhibitors : Rs. 50,000/-

For Non Exhibitors : Rs. 80,000/-

*Includes GST

  • Participating company will provide the design

  • ExSpo team will print and place the balloon


Location Map

These will be placed at a prominent location to help visitors understand the layout and scope of the Display. These large highly visible plans are positioned around the visitor concourse area. As well as identifying the visitor’s current position your stand can also be highlighted alongside your company logo.


8 nos.


4 m x 3 m

Total sponsorship cost:


LED Wall

Visual promotion is by far the most apt and promising tool for advertising your products and make a brand impact.

Screen Size: 
12 ft X 20 ft (Horizontal)

Promotional video:
200 Insertions of 10 second in a day for 3 day’s

Rs. 80,000/- (For Exhibitor)
Rs. 120,00
0/- (For Non-Exhibitor)

*Includes GST

  • Strategic placing for maximum visibility 

  • Participating company will provide video 

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